International Fair2018

International Fair2018

Time :10:00(AM) to 3:15(PM) on the 4th of February
Place :Fujisan Messe (189-8 Yanagi Shima Fuji-city)
Content :Stage Attractions and shops of international foods and goods, to experience of Japanese clture.

Event of Jumping Over an Rope

Event of Jumping Over an Rope.
Time : the 3rd of February
Place :Fujishiritu Fujikawa Taiikukan (89-1 Kijima Fuji-city)
Content :Jumping over an rope
Offer :before 28th of January
Fee :300 yen per one person to participate
Fujishi nawatobi kyokai Jimukyoku (40-7 Issiki Fuji-city)

To cook an original curry and play in field

Time :8:45(AM) to 2:00(PM) on 18th of February
Place :Marubi Shonen Shizen no Ie (10847-1 Oobuchi Fuji-city)
Fee :1,00yen per one person over 5 years old
Requirement :work gloves, cleaning rag, drinks and winter clothes which can get dirty.
Contact :0545-35-1697 (8:30 to 17:00) Fujisiritu Shonen Shizen No Ie